If Lyon shines as one of the leading digital cities in France, this is not accidental.

Lyon is a great breeding ground for digital businesses. Reputable schools, research, business, finance, support the Metropolis, dedicated real estate, strong entrepreneurial culture … All the factors came together for a sustainable development of the sector.

    • French 2nd division in the digital industry
    • 3,5 Mds € de C.A en Rhône Alpes pour la filière digitale
    • € 3.5 billion turnover in Rhone Alpes for the digital industry
    • +  € 200m raised in 2013 including 3M € for priming
    • 600 academic degrees in the digital area and more than 1000 researchers
    • More than 6 clusters and associations: Imaginove Clust’R, Minalogic, La Cuisine du Web, Rezopole, PLOSS (FLOSS) …
    • 5 accelerators / 8 incubators
    • 2 fablab/1 living lab : the TUBA
    • Many Co-working spaces
    • 600 events & meetings around the numeric year